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"Work so that one day your 'Signature' will be known as an 'Autograph'"

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do when I can’t play baseball anymore. It’s my secret addiction really. Every year I look forward to meeting new guys and building a strong team with them, one that will take us all the way. Hopefully this next year we can finally do that. We had such a great team this year it’s so hard to fathom that we didn’t make it. It’s always been my goal, my dream, to take home that one trophy and see that every time I walked into my room. I don’t know what I’ll do when I am too old to play in a couple years. I’ll miss the smell of the air and the sour tasting sweat running down my face with dirt and clay covering my body from diving back. I’ll miss the sound of my feet beating into the ground in a rhythmic pattern as I track a fly ball hit along the line to left field. I’ll miss the sharp pains in my hands from receiving pitches that batters chase with remorse. I’ll miss the sound of the bat connecting so perfectly with the ball. I’ll miss my coach. I’ll miss it all. We NEED to win this thing next year. No more bull shit with this ass of a commissioner. No more brawls or players getting thrown out of the game. We NEED a team that will take us, all of us there just so we can see what it is like, the atmosphere and the hype surrounding you. I can only imagine that feeling. It’s the only other feeling in baseball I truly desire, to win it all.